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[Sunday, April 20th, 2008]

Hi Kevin! I love you!!! =D

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[Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | busy ]

i didnt have any lunch today =( i was so hungry that when i got home, i ate a whole tray of bagel bites. hehe ima fatty. in health we learned about pregnancy and birth control. my health teacher told the class about some personal stuff, like how she has to take birth control pills everyday and how often her period comes. i mean WHO SAYS THAT in their classroom..after class, me, max, and some other people went to lock-out because there was a test in bio tody and i didnt study for it..so i guess taking it later is better than getting a 60 right?! max and some other people wanted to skip and "hide" in this grassy area in the side of the physics building. which is so stupid b/c tons of teachers walk by there all the time. and then they wanted to walk out of school premises and go to chick-fil-A. well, we all ended up going to lock-out anyways.

yesterday, i chose my courses for next year and im taking partial IB. im a smart cookie. im taking civics and economics IB, art IB, and English IB. ooooh yeeeahh..today was really pointless and for some reason i felt really crummy..maybe cause i just felt like it. a good game of ddr makes it all better though. oh yeah i WANT A CAT PLZ. preferably teacup black. IF THERE IS SUCH THINGZZ.

oh yeah my brother is scared as hell to go to public school. he's scared of black people, and i think hes gonna try to pick fights with them. yeah imagine this short, scrawny little asian kid in IB classes trying to wrestle with a 9405305893098 foot/pound gangsta complete with brass knuckles. will ya imagine that...

anyways im officially obsessed with ddr. i play about 2-3 hours a day. i managed to start playing on standard mode, so i think im getting alot better than i used to be. yesterday i lost 922 calories on workout mode. HECKZZZ YEAHH!! anyways i guess i should start on my hefty stack of homework...bye<33 wow everything i said was like so random..oh well what can you do.

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[Sunday, March 20th, 2005]
since more people are commenting on this journal that my new one, i guess ill post in both!
POST ON xiu___xiu!!

that just makes me so sad. please help!

this weekend was pretty fun. i went to the lock-in with my youth group and it was basically just a serious, prayerful one. we were saying the stations of the cross and this one guy right before me ended with "may he rest in piss (supposed to be peace but he cant speak english all that well) and me bieng the mature person that i am, i started cracking up so hard and when it was my turn to say the 7th station i couldnt stop laughing. i messed up so much and everyone was looking at me. i deserve to be smited by the lord. oh dear..

saturday was really boring, mainly because i was running after my brother in heels/platforms and i tripped over something and my ankle got badly sprained or something. so i couldnt go out or anything except watch tv. at least madtv came on-i love that show. so i had to just wrap my leg in a hot towel, a plastic wal-mart bag, and a wrap thing (my knockoff cast) it really sucked cause i was planning to go to paul and patrick's birthday party thing. oh well. OOH also i borrowed ddr from this guy and im getting better at it. LIGHT MODE YES!! its also great excercise so i recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun workout and people who want to practice their eye and foot coordination. wow that was gay.

ok so its sunday and i went to mass (palm sunday today) and i was listening to the priest's sermon and all of a sudden one side of my ear stopped all sound...hmm..in other words, i couldnt hear a thing for a couple seconds. it was scary believe me. maybe im going deaf..? and blind..? i think my other eye is getting worse too. anyways, it's almost SPRING BREAK '05!! my school is getting out on this thursday which is awesome..hopefully this week doesnt go by too slow.

also on a side note, this summer me and my family are going to ecuador! im so excited. i havent traveled in a long time. oh i love vacation.
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last post on this journal ok [Sunday, March 13th, 2005]
[ mood | content ]

today was so hot. it's never been this hot since last summer. well, this morning me and the fam went to church then we went to the park (which i havent been to in a year) to walk on a nature trail. it was actually really nice, except the walking part. im not very athletic. we saw really beautiful flowers in many colors and these george-of-the-jungle-esque hanging tree limb thingies..? me and my brother swung on em it was fun, but scary. haha. after, we went to super wal-mart (which has the best french bread for $1 a loaf btw!!) and bought a bunch of food. then we went to sam's club and after that we went to costco..we got soooo much food today and ate so many samples.  i also got to drive today! well actually, got to go around my cul-de-sac and park in my driveway..that's still driving though right? i kept on missing the entrance to the driveway though, so i kinda had to spin around like 3 times to finally get it. im practicing though! well i have to go finish my 3 projects and practice presenting my world history project. i HATE presenting and i know everybody does, but im especially bad at it. anyways here's some pics from lauren's fabulous 15 birthday party!! sorry but their really BIG...and please pardon the not so funny and boring captions.

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[Friday, March 11th, 2005]

my molars hurt like hell. the last set are growing in and ONE tooth is taking like 5 days..and im definitely not putting on ora-jel. last time i put it on, i like squirted it so hard, some of it got on my tongue. so half of it was like numb throughout the day it was bad. yeah random. today was fun. i went to my friend lauren's birthday party at jillian's and we played bowling and had a buffet of: pizza, chicken strips, fries, and cake. oops! i ate meat. im a terrible christian. oh well..ill just go to confession later. well i got to see a bunch of people i havent seen in a looong time, including john!! wow he actually got really hot, sideburns n all. haha it was so funny. he was trying to be all manly n all n pick the heaviest bowling ball and he rolled it only like 3 feet?  anyways, i think im gaining ALOT of weight compared to last year. i tried on a bikini and i turned to the side, and saw my thighs were getting huge..as well as my stomach. i need to work out desperately. im just too lazy. have a great weekend<33

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[Thursday, March 10th, 2005]
working on the layout..the colors are pretty messed right now. what do you all think of the background?

weather can be so crazy. yesterday it was raining hard, then it hailed for a while, and then it became sunny. then today, i heard that there was a tiny tornado not far from my house. my mom told me that last night she could hear this loud rumbling and thought it was a plane coming to crash down on our house. also, cchs' (the high school i was about to go to) roof almost got torn off! they didnt have school for 2 days.awesome but woah scary.

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[Tuesday, March 8th, 2005]
[ mood | artistic ]

today was pretty fast. i got an A on my spanish test! thats like the first A on a spanish test. woot. i want to take japanese real bad, but they dont offer it at our school. so thats gay. but then again, when would i ever use japanese? yesterday i got a packet to choose my classes and electives for next year..my mom really wants me to do IB, but i dont think i can survive in the IB program. i know it would look great on my college trancript, but i am barely even doing good in honors classes which is like 3rd lowest. anyways for my electives i wanted to do Art 1 so i can get into photography junior year, and spanish or french. im not sure yet though. ive taken spanish all my life, and chenging so sudden to french would be very difficult.

well yesterday i went down to take my potato out from the microwave. I left it in there for like long time..and it was on a peice of foil. When I touched the foil the first time, it wasnt hot, so I was like, I guess I dont need mits. So I pick it up & I hear the noise of the foil crinkling and i thought it was my hand sizzling off..so I fling the Potato across my kitchen. Then i looked and saw my hand wasnt burnt at all. oh yes im beyond awesome. ok have a great rest of the week lovelies!<33

PS- http://www.christahilda.com/ has the cutest dresses..my favorite one is candy pop. so adorable. OH, and get this, one size fits ALL. for 200 bucks, i think its worth it.

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[Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005]
hey sorry i havent written in a while. my parents REALLY dont want me to go on the computer on weekdays..yeah lame i know, but they want me to focus more on academics i guess. ugh it was gonna snow on monday, but the weatherman is always wrong so we all went to school in under 40 degree weather. i had PE too!! luckily we didnt go outside or anything. well i think my left eye is getting worse..the eye doctor said that if it keeps on getting worse and worse, then it will turn into a lazy eye. so im so frickin scared. anyways, i've been planning on what i should do with my room. i wont really have a certain theme for it, but probably just a funky/elegance room..i dont know hard to describe. i want to put a chandelier in my room. i just think their so cute! probably just a small one..i want a tarina tarantino pink head one, but it's probably like 9450358 bucks. i was thinking about getting a butterfly comforter like this http://www.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=435&itemID=43811 any opinions? too tacky? ok well im out. love you all<33

haha my friend ordered 10 chocolate bars on the bus today for this fundraising thing and i got 3. i feel like a major fatass oh well..chocolate=happiness =)
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[Sunday, February 27th, 2005]
wow today has been such a boring day. well its sunday, what do you expect? i was planning to go to the mall with posey and molly, but nobody is picking up their phone. ugh i hate it when that happens. anyways nothing much has been happening..i've decided to be alot more productive than usual. i started making a tote bag out old, white shower curtains. hehe. i definitely cant sew though so i just tried my best. it looks cute, but really poorly made. then i tried to attempt to make a dress..haha yeah. that didnt come out too well. anyways, i saw the phantom of the opera a couple days ago and i loved it. it's one of my favorite movies now. that movie has inspired me to take up classical singing. just something for fun. hope everyone had a great weekend! WATCH THE OSCARS TONIGHT!! <33
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[Monday, February 21st, 2005]
i'm grounded for a week because of progress report grades =/
i wont be updating or commenting for a while. love you all<33
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[Wednesday, February 16th, 2005]
[ mood | hungry ]

ok actually i did alot worse than i expected on my progress reports, but i mostly got bad grades because my homework averages were so low. ok im gonna spare you the horrible grades but i did worst in world history and biology.
i was looking through my dad's old things, and i came across an old Canon AE-1 camera. it's rarely been used and still in great shape. im so happy i found it because im interested in photography and photojournalism and stuff. expect to see a bunch of pics soon.
ok my parents are out and i have nothing to eat for dinner. i looked in my fridge and there were just a variety of different asian sauces, different veggies, tofu, and some other stuff. maybe ill make tofu salad? for some reason that reminded me of the gilmore girls episode (really old one) where they go to Lane's (korean girl) house for Thanksgiving and her mom is making "tofurkey"? haha anyways...have a great week everyone!

ps- in biology we "fertilized" eachother.

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[Monday, February 14th, 2005]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well i have no school today!! well,today's valentines day. i think it's the worst holiday EVER. It's so depressing for me. No Valentine's this year or last year. it's pouring rain outside which just adds on top of that. oh well, im just gonna try to make the best of it and be more optimistic! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH VALENTINES!!

aah it was fun on saturday i went to korean school and the youth group made a birthday cake for me. it was so nice of them. it was like vanilla cake with blue jello stuff in it. lol sounds nasty but it was DELISH.
i took a GARGANTUAN chunk home and ate it all. the bad thing is, is all my fat goes to my face not my thighs or stomach. lol. oh well you only live once, why not make the best of it. after youth group, me, maria, paul, patrick, song-joo, ho-suk, and young-suk went to a NO-RAE-BANG (korean karaoke place). it was alot of fun. i only got to sing 2 songs though.

gah i need to go shopping. im def. going to get tony and tina loose glitter. i just love that stuff. i need some new clothes, teal cowboy boots (they actually look really cute if paired with the right outfit), and a cute tote (or i just might make a cute one myself)..

TOMMOROW=PROGRESS REPORT DAY. this is the day of judgement. ok so it's not the big thing, but wish me luck!!!<33

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[Friday, February 11th, 2005]
a post from a community i thought i'd share:
girls should be proud of their bodies with the support from society. the media should embrace the different shapes and sizes we come in. during my english language lesson while analysing the lexis and syntax of feature articles, i came across a feminist article which discussed the sad truth of teenage magazines in britain.

it mentioned magazines, such as "Bliss", contained advertisements for plastic surgery, tips for getting a size 2 body and celeb diets like jennifer aniston. although it does feature larger girls, it mentions their "unhappiness" being that size and how diets were life-changing.

in hong kong, it is no different. magazines are plagued with advertisements of skinny shapeless girls who apparently received a "life-changing" experience through losing weight. pale and boney, they look sickly in comparison to their before pictures.

plastic surgery is becoming commonplace now, girls at the age of twelve are already pleading their parents to get their nose shaped. my mother, as much as i love her, has always been mentioning how i should get a double eyelid. getting a new nose, lips and breasts is merely shopping in a supermarket of body parts.

to be honest, i always think about plastic surgery now. who doesn't want to look like that gorgeous girl everyone is jealous of? who doesn't want to have things the easy way? i hate how i change my looks when i daydream, taller cheekbones, upward tilting almond eyes and silky jet black hair. it's plastic surgery in my mind. the down-to-earth side of me screams out, "LISTEN GIRL! people should like you for who you are, not for how you look!"

pressure from society is shaping who i am in the inside. before i never longed to be a leggy long-haired girl, i ran from that image. now i'm insecure about my weight, body and looks. society is shaping me on the outside. i've unconciously been on diets, exercise marathons and makeup sprees.

we need mainstream magazines that feature realistic girls. girls of different shapes, sizes and race. how often do you see an asian girl (who is not mixed) featured on the cover of vogue. kelly hu, coco lee and other chinese celebreties are considered exotic or beautiful in the western view. models are all white, skinny and tall. there is a growing number of african-american models, plus size models. but where are the asian models and the petites?

do you ever want to change anything about yourself? if yes, what is it?
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[Sunday, February 6th, 2005]
[ mood | optimistic ]

wow havent updated in a looong time. nothing much has been going on.
posey came over yesterday and we went to the mall and did karaoke. it was so much fun.
we went into sephora and put tony and tina loose glitter in our hair and our eyelids. it actually looked really good but crazy. yeah we were pretty much the center of attention in the mall. we were going to go to an hXc show but we needed a chaperone which sucks. i mean were responsible enough were not gonna do anything crazy and were definitely gonna stay away from wierd people. i just wanna be there to enjoy the music live. were having a tailgate party at my house today..hamburgers, chili, chips, and wings.mm-mm-mm.. we'll just all burn off the excess weight with DDR i guess. lol. well im gonna watch the pre-game show. yeah i dont really know anything about football but who cares. next week progress reports. ugh. im doing so bad, but hey..im trying to be more optimistic then pessimistic which i usually am. i guess it's working. have fun watching the game everyone<333

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[Saturday, January 29th, 2005]
it was snowing outside! it was really lame though..it only lasted about 1 hour and stopped.
anyways i got a green ipod for my birthday! i had to pay 100 bucks for it and my parents paid for the rest. i dont know if i should take it to school though because two of my friends' purses got stolen.

anyways..i hate my hair right now. i tried straightening it, but one side is always curled and the other straight and all these random strands just fly everywhere. grrr. my mom says i look like a fob (fresh off the boat). whatevz.

i want that new Rockin' Rio perfume by Escada. ooh it smells so good! i dont know which is better: rockin' rio or island kiss which is also by escada.

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IM ALMOST 15 FUCKERS [Tuesday, January 25th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

ok so i guess i couldnt cut my hair all on my own (but i did start on the bangs). so instead i just went to dillard's hair salon and got my hair done. i dont really like it that much because the lady cut my hair and bangs hella short, but im just gonna wait for it to grow out.

haha the other day my dad downloaded the grudge on his computer and he cant say his r's right so it comes out as like l..so he was like i downloaded the gludge im like its grudge..and then the next day hes like you wanna see the grumsy's? im like WTF there is no msy's in grudge. stupid asian. damn.

my birthday is in 6 days!! no i dont really care but im pretty excited about the present im buying myself. a green ipod. i think were going out to P.F. Chang's (chinese restaurant) or Chick-fil-A. i had Chick-fil-A last year on my birthday haha. it's my favorite fast food. i <3 their waffle fries and sandwiches. anywayzzz..on to the cut PS- SIMPLE LIFE 1-HOUR PREMIERE TOMMOROW NOT TONIGHT! ON FOX WATCH IT! i cant watch it so im taping it


@#$%$&!Collapse )

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[Friday, January 21st, 2005]
[ mood | cold ]

ok i think im going to take on the challenge...to cut my own hair!!! i've put off cutting my hair for such a long time and im really going to do it now. ill try to put pics up..if all is successful. haha. ive thinking about cute bangs and a nice short pixie cut.

i think im going to northwest school of the arts next year. i heard it's really hard to get in though. i want to be a singer so my maybe it's best if i go. i hate my school. i love my friends and all, but the school in general just sucks. i need to leave NOW.

today was ok. bio was so much fun. we made imaginary babies by flipping a penny to determine what kind of looks the kid has. me and lucy's kid was named moonunit PEEEEN-ELOPE Leelew!! haha hawt. erin and zach's kid was named Skye bootycall and i dont remember his last name. ah it was great. best bio class the whole year. plus we had a fire drill.

my b-day is in a week!! nothing really special planned. i dont think im having a party this year because it's too late for the invites. anyways annie's taking me to the mall and chelsea and molly are taking me out to eat and then im coming home.

ok wish me luck on my hurrr<33 after i eat CHINESE!!


their amazingg.

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[Thursday, January 13th, 2005]
what a short week. i only had like 2 days of actual school this week. which was rad. what's not rad is, i think i have an F in biology. my teacher called my parents for a conference and they seem to be more sad than mad. so i really dont know what's going to happen to me..oh wow im watching oprah and it's about gay guys marrying women and having affairs with a bunch of other guys. i didnt know this happens. i dont know what im gonna do this weekend. i think my science fair project is gonna take up the whole 4 day break. ugh. its due on tuesday and we were given bout 2 months to do it, but me bieng the procrastinator..yeah. i have a big craving for a big-mac and a huge side of fries for some reason. anyways hope everyday has a MUCH better weekend then me.<33
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[Friday, January 7th, 2005]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

well took the first half of exams on thursday and friday. it was so long.
turns out i didnt study all that well because the bio one was really hard. i hate biology meh.
im really scared on how i did because these exams are 20% of your grade and it'll either make or break you. most likely broke me. at least we got half days. next week on monday and tuesday its more exams. i cant wait till its over. haha hopefully i passed my PE exams because we had to do sit-ups and pushups which im not too fond of. my muscles, butt, and legs hurt real bad from jumping on the trampoline the day before. so i didnt do too hot on the situps: 27. i had to cheat on the pushups:45. pretty good i guess. with a little help of grabbing onto something while pushing up.
tommorow im gonna play clarinet at this korean association party. w00t. i havent played it in a looong time so i guess ill just pretend im playing and just blend in with the other kids. im gonna go to the mall with posey as always. ha. ooh. also, my brother's friend is going on a skiing trip so he's gonna let us dogsit his dog for 5 days. hes sooo cute. i cant wait. ive never had a pet before so maybe this will help persuade my parents that we are responsible? also next week im going skiing in sugar mountain with my youth group. i havent gone since i was like 7. ill take pics.<33

i havent been getting along all that great with my parents lately. well im sure everyone has gone though this too. my parents want me to be something i dont exactly want to be. they want me to be a doctor, teacher, or scientist. i want to be a fashion designer or something. i mean i know its a competitive field, but that's my passion. i just hope my parents accept my career choice. well..im only in high school. i guess i still have time to figure out what i really want.

this year as posey says, im also gonna try new things. im always open to new different kinds of food, so why not? starting off, by going to downtown and just exploring the buildings and stores. i heard they have alot of vintage stores there and a BCBG. wow. have a great weekend everyone.<33

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[Saturday, January 1st, 2005]
well new years wasnt very eventful, except for the fact that my mother got drunk last night and had a hangover this morning which caused her to skip church while everyone else went. naughty girl. she was like telling everyone to give her hugs like every minute last night, it was wierd. haha. well my cousins who came from raleigh are here today and im excited, because i also get money!! haha. well one more day till break is over which sucks, but at least we get half days (we get out at 12:00) everyday this week due to exams...today i made my some kroean food and im so proud of myself, because it turned out great. it's called man-du (its originally chinese) and i got to shape them and stuff. we put a walnut in one of them and whoever finds it, is special? i dont know, but it's for fun. im gonna go eat now. happy new years everybody!<33
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